Pr Walid Nehme (DDS, MSc, FICD) is a clinical professor at the Endodontic department of Saint Joseph University of Beirut.

He is an Invited Professor at Mohamed Bin Rashid University in Dubai United Arab Emirates. He maintains a Practice limited to Endodontics.


Doctor in Dental Surgery in 1988 from St Joseph University.

Master in Endodontics in 1994 from St Joseph University

Master’s in molecular biology 2006 from St Joseph University

Academic activities, from 1994 till present, lie within the field of undergraduate and postgraduate endodontic education. Duties include lectures, preclinical and clinical training and conduction and surveillance of research projects for pre-and post-doctoral students.

Pr Nehme has published scientific, and clinical articles in peer- reviewed journals nationally and internationally on subjects including Root canal anatomy, instrumentation techniques, NiTi files, Irrigation procedures, obturation and retreatment.

He is an international member of the American association of endodontists (AAE). He served as country representative and President of the Lebanese Society of Endodontology (LSE). He is a council member of The Pan Asiatic Endodontic Confederation (APEC). He is a founder member and former president of the Arab Endodontic Society (AES).

He is an analyst and opinion leader for clinical trials for endodontic manufacturers and have contributed to the elaboration of new devices and files in endodontics. He runs postgraduate endodontic courses and hands on in the Middle East, Africa and Europe and Canada.  He works in a referral-based practice limited to endodontics in Beirut, Lebanon and Abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates.